Mystiko WebWallet Tutorial (Testnets 'AuditableZK')

What is Mystiko V3 on testnets "Auditable ZK' ?

🌐 Mystiko auditable Website: https://auditablezk.mystiko.network/

Mystiko auditable Major Updates:

#1. Consumer grade affordability, zk-rollup powered private transactions. In order to ensure affordability to the next level, ZK2 has incorporated zkrollup for zk private transactions. As a result, both single-chain and cross-chain private transactions on ZK2 cost 80% lower on gas fees than v1 testnets, and 50-90% lower than other major existing privacy solutions. Such zk of zk design intends to create an affordable privacy solution to every consumer.
#2. Ultra flexibility, arbitrary amount withdraw with full privacy. Unlike other privacy solutions with fixed withdrawal amount requirements, ZK2 has implemented a technology called JoinSplit. A JoinSplit consumes either one or two input(deposit) values and creates either one or two output(withdraw) values. For example, if a user makes 3 deposits on ZK2 at the amount of 10 BNB, 20BNB and 30 BNB on the BNB chain, the user is now given the option to withdraw any arbitrary amount under 50 BNB with full privacy. Arbitrary amount withdrawal feature is also available in cross-chain private transaction scenarios. For example, a user could transfer 10 USDT from Polygon and 20 USDT from BNB Chain together to Ethereum via ZK2, and then withdraw any amount of USDT under 30 on Ethereum with full privacy.
#3. More privacy options, private address to private address transfer within ZK2. ZK2 users can privately transfer tokens to another ZK2 user within Mystiko.Network. In other words, iIf both sender and receiver are on ZK2, sender and receiver can privately transfer any tokens between their Mystiko.Network private addresses without involving their public blockchain addresses, keeping both sender and receiver confidential.
#4. Efficient asset management system. Users could keep track of the total balance of each asset and the progress of all transactions in the ‘private asset’ page.
#5 Decentralized audtiable mechanism. Mystiko designed the first decentralized auditing system for onchain private transactions. In Mystiko’s decentralized auditing system, a decentralized auditing committee, consisting of reputable institutes and entities chosen by the community, will be established and the committee will support auditing the transaction flow of suspicious deposits from bad actors while protecting the privacy of regular users. Read more: https://medium.com/@Mystiko.Network/the-worlds-first-auditable-zero-knowledge-private-transaction-feature-is-now-live-on-mystiko-networ-df429d20e46

Mystiko V3 Availabilities (As for Oct 1st, 2022):

  • Chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Aurora(upcoming), Moonbeam
  • Wallets: MetaMask
  • Bridge: Celer IM, Mystiko Test Bridge, Layer Zero, Axelar