Mystiko.Network Documents

Introduction of Mystiko.Network

Mystiko.Network is the base layer of web3 that provides both connectivity and confidentiality to all blockchain data, transactions and applications.

Mystiko.Network is not building a privacy coin, nor a coin mixer. Mystiko.Network is building the ultimate universal web3 privacy infrastructure through PaaS (Privacy as an SDK).
  • For blockchains. Any L1 and L2 can utilize Mystiko as a privacy layer, making mainnet tx confidential both in single chain swap and cross chain transfer.
  • For bridges. Any bridges can utilize Mystiko to become a privacy bridge, leading to cross chain transactions with full financial privacy.
  • For wallets. Any wallet could utilize Mystiko to enable private asset management and private transactions features.
  • For Dapps. Defi dapps like Dex could utilize Mystiko to become a private Dex. Crypto payment dapps could utilize Mystiko to make c2c and c2b payments private by protecting the receiving party’s income history on-chain.