What is Mystiko.Network

Mystiko is the base layer of Web3. Mystiko operates as a universal ZK SDK, enhancing the scalability, interoperability, and safety of blockchains. Mystiko’s SDK enables developers to build blockchain applications that reduce costs, scale effortlessly, securely interact across chains, and protect users’ on-chain identity(account balances, transaction histories, etc.). https://mystiko.network/

Mystiko.Network is dedicated to protecting everyone’s on-chain interactions and building a healthy financial environment in Web3.

For individuals,

With Wallet or dApps empowered by Mystiko.Network (https://camowallet.app/):

  • You can shield your business decisions and protect business turnover info from your business competitors without leaking income and expense info from your on-chain payment behaviors

  • You can shield your trading strategy from your traders and keep your tactics to yourself

  • You can shield your company’s payroll and bonus structure between different employees without corporate drama

  • You can support any political and social cause as you wish without fear of leaking it to the public or your enemies

  • If you are a known public figure, you can keep your daily life free from your crazy fans who want to track everything via tracking onchain data

Everyone needs a safe environment to keep our own business healthy, and Mystiko.Network is here to ensure that.

For developers,

Mystiko.Network offers a secure, interoperable ZK environment for both regular users and developers. Developers can build any dApp powered by Mystiko.Network via simple integration of Mystiko's universal ZK SDK

  • For blockchains. Any L1 and L2 can utilize Mystiko as a ZK layer, both for single chain swap and cross chain transfer.

  • For bridges. Any bridges can utilize Mystiko to become a ZK bridge, leading to cross chain transactions with full financial safety.

  • For wallets. Any wallet could utilize Mystiko to enable asset management within a trusted environment.

  • For dApps. Defi dApps, like DEX, could utilize Mystiko to become a ZK DEX. Crypto payment dApps could utilize Mystiko to perform c2c and c2b payments while protecting the receiving party’s income on-chain history.

Mystiko.Network is always looking forward to working with Web3 partners to accelerate crypto adoption in Web3! If you are interested in building with Mystiko.Network, don't hesitate to reach out to ‘info@mystiko.network’ or via Mystiko Discord/Twitter for more info and integration details.

❗️Compliance Notice❗️

Please note that Mystiko.Network only protects user's activity for the good, not for the bad. Mystiko WILL NOT support bad actors exploiting on-chain interactions with malicious and illegal activities, including but not limited to money laundering.

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