Mystiko.Network Documents

Mystiko.Network Features

Cross chain connectivity to all. Mystiko.Network’s zk-snarks protocol(Mystiko Protocol) can be easily implemented to almost all major blockchain layer 1 like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, Terra, Polygon, etc. and layer 2 like zkSync, Arbitrium, Optimum, etc. as well as popular blockchain applications. The ability to integrate with all blockchains by Mystiko Protocol enables Mystiko.Network the omni-connectivity to all web3 infrastructures, thus making Mystiko.Network the base layer of web3.
Full financial privacy. Mystiko Protocol utilizes secure zero-knowledge proof technology together with advanced encryption and shield address designs to break the link between users' deposit wallet address on source chains and withdrawal address on destination chains, making it untraceable and unlinkable to other users. Such features guarantee that users’ financial privacy including account balance, asset holdings, and trade history is fully confidential.
Lower transaction fees. With the implementation of zero-knowledge based scaling technology, transaction fees on Mystiko.Network will be lower than those of other coin mixers.
Complete user control. Mystiko Protocol is a non-custodial protocol, in which users keep custody of their cryptocurrencies while operating on Mystiko.Network. Users, not Mystiko.Network or anyone else, are the only ones with control over their cryptocurrencies throughout the whole process.
Easy and convenient user experience. Mystiko.Network offers users a single-click cross chain private transaction experience in an all-in-one wallet that supports multiple blockchains and cross chain bridges, and supports arbitrary withdrawal amount from the same deposit.
Aggregating major bridges. Mystiko Protocol is being implemented to most popular cross chain bridges in web3. Users could choose their preferred bridge services with one slick from Mystiko Wallet.
Fast. Due to the complexity of cross chain transactions, the zk circuit size is about 3x as that of other privacy coin mixers’ averages. Yet, Mystiko Protocol has made several technical improvements making the verification cost the same as that of other privacy coin mixers.
Secure of funds: On Mystiko.Network, private notes(proofs of users’ cryptocurrency deposits) are encrypted and even in the very unlikely extreme case when one’s private note is hacked, the hacker cannot withdraw one’s asset since in Mystiko Protocol design, withdrawal requires one’s private key. Encrypted private keys are different from zero knowledge proof private keys on Mystiko.Network for better security, a design not yet supported by other privacy coin mixers.