Mystiko.Network Vision

  • Multichain ZK Application β€” we believe ZK Tech should be available on more chains more than just on Ethereum, and should also be interoperable

  • Affordable ZK Technology β€” we believe that the trusted environment ZK Tech offers is a basic right for everyone, whether poor or rich. Such environment should be cheap to have (Mystiko zk rollup reduces transaction costs to 90% lower)

  • Accessible ZK Technology β€” we believe that ZK Tech should be accessible to anyone anywhere. It should be easy to use (friendly UI/UX and arbitrary amount support), and omnipresent (mystiko SDK can be implemented to any L1, L2, bridge, wallet, dApp).

  • Healthy ZK Environment β€” we believe ZK Tech is deeply a public good rooted for everyone on blockchain, e.g. traders need a secure environment on trade history, merchants/business need a ZK environment on crypto payments, NFT collectors need their social identity protected, people in need of money need a protected environment on crypto lending, etc.

  • Secure ZK Environment β€” we believe ZK tech is ultra important for security. that’s why we a) added additional protected key security features on users’ personal notes, b) is onboarding the very best security auditing firms, c) designed everything directly on secure L1s, instead of less secure L2 or building our own chain

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