👓Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystiko.Network?

​​Mystiko.Network is the base layer of web3 with both connectivity and confidentiality. Leveraging zero knowledge proof with industry leading “zk of zk” technology, Mystiko.Network guarantees interoperability, scalability and confidentiality, all at once. Details refer to Introduction of Mystiko.Network.

What makes Mystiko.Network different from other confidentiality solutions?

Mystiko.Network is not building a confidentiality coin, nor a coin mixer. Mystiko.Network is building the ultimate universal web3 confidentiality infrastructure through PaaS (Confidentiality as an SDK), a plug-and-play confidentiality layer.

Who are interacting with Mystiko.Network?

Mystiko.Network is built for all who believe that they should own their identities and freedom, including both individuals or entities. Mystiko.Network empowers Web3 ecosystem through PaaS (Confidentiality as an SDK), including:

  • For blockchains. Any L1 and L2 blockchains could utilize Mystiko.Network as a confidentiality layer, making their mainnet transactions confidential both within the same chain or from/to other chains.

  • For bridges. Any cross-chain bridges could utilize Mystiko.Network to add confidentiality bridging functions, making cross-chain transactions fully private. The first confidentiality bridge application built on Mystiko.Network is already live.

  • For wallets. Any wallets could utilize Mystiko.Network to add confidential asset management and confidential transactions features. The first privacy wallet application built on Mystiko.Network is already live with MetaMask.

  • For Dapps: Any dapps could utilize Mystiko.Network to provide users on-chain financial confidentiality features, e.g. private DEX and confidential on-chain crypto payments dapps that protect receivers/merchants’ income history.

What are the potential use cases of Mystiko.Network?

  • Cross Chain Confidentiality Bridge. Users deposit assets on one chain and withdraw from another chain confidentially, without exposing transaction details to anyone. Mystiko Protocol can be implemented to any cross chain bridge.

  • MystikoPay. Confidential on-chain payments without exposing users' payment histories to anyone. All incoming payment histories are confidential, especially useful for companies and merchants to prevent exposing sensitive business turnover details on chain.

  • Secret Vault. Users could transfer assets to a brand new secret and ultra-safe address with full confidentiality. Any wallet could provide its users such features by implementing Mystiko Wallet SDK.

  • Confidential DEX. Users could trade on confidential DEX just like on Uniswap while users' financial confidentiality is protected. Existing DEX could add such features to their users by implementing Mystiko Protocol.

How does Mystiko.Network protect Confidentiality?

Mystiko Protocol utilizes secure zero-knowledge proof technology together with advanced encryption and shield address designs to break the link between users' deposit wallet address on source chains and withdrawal address on destination chains.

For more information please check Mystiko Whitepaper or Mystiko Docs.

How is Mystiko.Network DAO operating?

Mystiko.Network was born as a DAO with a group of engineers on the first day. Early contributors from all over the world are gradually working towards a fully decentralized DAO. Feel free to join Mystiko.Network Discord groups or TG groups and be a part of the Mystiko DAO!

Mystiko.Network is an autonomous, decentralized, permissionless code protocol, which is open to all and self-executing with no admins or operators.

Is it possible to compromise the protocol and find out information about depositors?

No. Mystiko.Network is a decentralized protocol based on zero knowledge (zk) proofs. Its smart contracts are immutable, have no admins, and the zk proofs are based on strong cryptography.

Does Mystiko.Network collect user data?

No. Mystiko.Network project does not collect any user data. Mystiko Protocol is a non-custodial and decentralized protocol, in which users keep custody of their cryptocurrencies while operating on Mystiko.Network. Users, not Mystiko.Network or anyone else, are the only ones with control over their cryptocurrencies throughout the whole process.

Has the protocol been audited?

Yes, Mystiko.Network smart contract audits are in progress. Detailed auditing report will be available to the public shortly. Mystiko Dao also has an open auditing/bug bounty program, which will be available soon.

How can I contribute if I am not a developer?

Mystiko.Network is created for the users and developer community. Whether you are a developer or not, all ideas and suggestions related to Mystiko and web3 are welcome in Mystiko DAO. Mystiko DAO hosts an open space for discussion on the future of web3 and financial confidentiality, including confidentiality technology, product development, ecosystem, compliance and community governance of Mystiko DAO. Please join Mystiko DAO and share your thoughts and suggestions via Mystiko Telegram | Discord | Website | Twitter | Medium .

Why don’t we implement the protocol by anonymizing each chain?

A naive cross-chain protocol could employ some confidentiality solution, e.g., Tornado Cash, on each chain and then transfer coins between them. This approach may protect the on-chain confidentiality; however, the transactions between chains are trackable, and recipient and destination chains’ information is not anonymous. On the contrary, Mystiko could break the cross-chain link by shielded the destination chain’s identity. If the on-chain solution is a coin mixer, it could be further limited by the mixer’s inherent vulnerability.

Meanwhile, Single chain private transaction solutions are available but user experience is hardly pleasant. Single chain coin mixing solutions are already experimented in the market, e.g. Tornado.Cash. However, the user experience of such solutions is quite limited since users not only suffer from heavy transaction costs, but also encounter complications when moving assets from one chain to another. With such solutions to do private cross chain transactions, a user must first utilize such coin mixers only on the few chains they support, and then utilize a bridge to finish the rest process, which is hardly a pleasant experience. Yet, with Mystiko.Network, user experience is on the single-click level to conduct cross chain confidential transactions, making it an easy and convenient base feature for web3.

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