Private Assets Overview

What are Private Assets in Mystiko Web Wallet?

Private Assets are assets that were successfully deposited into Mystiko's deployed smart contracts. All metadata of the Private Assets are securely encrypted and stored on-chain. The adversary cannot deduce who can spend the Private Assets based on on-chain data. Private Assets are constructed via a ZCash-like commitment scheme.
✅ Mystiko web wallet currently supports private transactions of USDT, USDC and ETH on the Ethereum mainnet.

Private Asset Homepage overview

Users can track and read the private assets in the account page and history page.
  • Private Assets in account page
  • Private assets status:
    • “Pending” refers to the amount of shielded assets currently in progress of roll-up and will be soon addressed to this account;
    • “Available” refers to the amount of shielded assets that are already in this account and available for spending (transfer & withdrawal).
    • Roll-up time: Roll-up time might vary between 5 mins to 24 hour, depending on the availabilty and speed of blockchain, as well as the live transaction volume in Mystiko.Network. Roll-up time may be up to 24 hours, when the blockchain is congested/gas fee is high, or the transaction volume of Mystiko.Network is low)
    • Status updates: All private assets and their transaction status associated with users' accounts will be automatically displayed every 10 mins. If you would like accelerate the status updates, please click “🔁” for chain updates.
  • Asset Transaction History Review
    • Private Assets deposit history:
    • Private Assets transfer history:
    • Private Assets withdraw history: