Mystiko Wallet Technical FAQ

Mystiko Faucet

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    Q: Fail to withdraw Mystiko test tokens (mUSD/MTT)?
    A: Please make sure that your have not exceeded the daily withdrawal limited

Account Management

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    Q: How to change account name?
    A: Go to “Account” > “Account Detail”, and click logo next to account name for renaming.

Fail to Deposit

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    Q: Error Message: Insufficient gas
    A: Solution: Please withdraw test gas tokens from their faucet before depositing. Tutorial refers to Mystiko doc.
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    Q: Where can I export the deposit receipt?
    A: Go to "Deposit History", scroll to the right and find "deposit receipts" in the operation column
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    Q: Deposit succeeded but the balance in my account didn’t update
    A: Please check if you have deposited the assets to another account. If so, switch your account to the receiver account in account page and the updated balance will be displayed
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    Q: Pop-up failed to load
    A: Google add-in, such as google translator, might trigger UI/UX issues. Please turn off the add-in and retry.
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    Q: Stuck at "Submitting assets approving transaction", Error Message: code:-2306; “failed to fetch”
    A: Your error indicates you have trouble accessing the RPC endpoint which MetaMask was configured. Normally you need to switch to a better network, or change the RPC URL in the MetaMask.
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    Q: Stuck at “Confirming deposit transaction”. Why did it take a long time to deposit on Polygon Mumbai/Avalanche/BNB Chain.
    A: Testnets could be pending or unstable occasionally, actual waiting time depends on the traffic on each testnet chain. Solution: Switch internet/IP/VPN and retry; or you could speed up your transaction via MetaMask. If the popup window complains about the transaction's replacement error, just ignore it, because the deposit is successful.

Failed to Withdraw

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    Q: Stuck at “Generating zkSnark proof” , Error message: Cannot find you deposit on chains, maybe it has not been relayd to the destination chain
    A: Error indicates that your deposit is still in progress. Please make sure that the deposit to be withdrawn is ‘succeeded’ instead of any other status, NOT pending source/source confirmed. Normal time for Mystiko.Network to generate zkSnark proof should be within one second. Notes: If your asset was transferred via Celer Network before Mar 7th, the withdrawal could fail, because The Celer IM infrastructure launched a security upgrade on March 7th, 2022 and the zkp message carried by Celer IM could be lost during the upgrades. Transaction after March 7th, 2022 will not be impacted.
    Solution: Go to “Deposit History” and confirm the status of your deposit is ‘succeeded’
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    Q: Stuck at “Generating zkSnark proof”, Error Message: Fail to fetch
    A: Some other person encountered this issue previously, some of our zkp files are hosted on Github, it is very likely your network is having trouble downloading files from Github, please switch VPN/network and try again
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    Q: Stuck at “Generating zkSnark proof”, Error Message: Failed to meet quorum
    A: Our application is serverless, the [SERVER_ERROR] means the RPC endpoint we are using is throwing network errors - it might be your local network or maybe RPC endpoint's issue. Normally this just needs to wait and retry. If it is still pending, please clear your browser cache like this snapshot, and refresh the web page to try it again. Warning: DO NOT clear cookies and other site data tho, it will delete your wallet's data.
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    Q: Stuck at “Generating zkSnark proof” without error message
    A:A: There are couple of reasons that might be triggering these issues: 1) please make sure your computer has more than 1.5G - 2G memory available. Based on the dev team’s experience, memory for zkSnark proof generation takes 1-1.2G memory. 2) Your network/VPN might be blocking access to some required resources, please switch to a new network or VPN and retry; 3) testnet is overloaded, please wait and retry.
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    Q: Stuck at “Generating zkSnark proof”, Error Message: Array buffer allocation failed
    A: For the folks seeing Array buffer allocation failed, please make sure your computer has more than 1.5G - 2G memory available. Based on the dev team’s experience, memory for zkSnark proof generation takes 1-1.2G memory.
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    Q: Stuck at “Submitting withdrawal transaction”: Error message [Unpredictable Gas Limit]
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    A: Other users might be creating a proof while you're submitting withdrawal transaction. Please refresh and retry
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    Q: Stuck at “Submitting withdrawal transaction”, Error message:Cannot find your merkle tree
    A: This error most likely caused by outdated proof. you have to start over and retry. And it looks like you are on outdated app version. We just pushed a newer version with better error message, you can refresh your browser to get the latest version.
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    Q: Stuck at “Confirming withdrawal transaction”: Why is transaction taking so long in confirming withdrawal transaction?
    A: The long transaction time occurred when the destination chain took a while in confirming the transaction. If your transaction is pending, it does not mean our protocol is not working. It means your transaction is waiting to be mined by Layer 1 networks. If you want to speed up your transaction, you can increase the gas price on MetaMask.
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    Q: How can I get more details about the withdrawal error on the blockchain scan?
    A: Go to “Withdraw History”, click the withdrawal id for more details and click transaction to access details on blockchain scan. if you feel like support in understanding the message, please share the blockchain scan link to admin in Mystiko DAO discord for further discussion.
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    Q: When will the arbitrary withdrawal be ready?
    A: Arbitrary withdrawal is already in the pipeline. It will be updated in upcoming versions

Other questions

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    Q: When will the main net launch?
    A: Ideally in 1-2 months.
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    Q: When will Mystiko token be launched?
    A: The design of tokenomics is in progress and please stay tuned for more info. Mystiko DAO has not yet launched a project token, beware of scams.
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    Q: What makes transactions private and secret on Mystiko?
    A: Mystiko.Network offers users a single-click cross chain private transaction experience in an all-in-one wallet that supports multiple blockchains and cross chain bridges. Mystiko Protocol utilizes secure zero-knowledge proof technology together with advanced encryption and shield address designs to break the link between users' deposit wallet address on source chains and withdrawal address on destination chains. For more details about the underlying tech design of Mystiko, please refer to Mystiko.Network whitepaper.
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    Q: Do I have to submit a report?
    A: You don't have to submit the form, but if you have any feedback or identified bug, please feel free to submit your report here: