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Mystiko V1 Wallet Account Management

What is Mystiko V1 Wallet Account?

Mystiko V1 wallet account is the manager of your Private Assets, which is designed to receive and shield private assets, and to manage the secret keys for zero knowledge proofs as well as data encryption/decryption. Mystiko account contains a private off-chain Mystiko Address, which is computed and formatted from public keys. Mystiko Address has different represent format compared to normal Ethereum address. It is a Base58 encoded string from 65 bytes long public keys.
Users can transact and manage your assets in full privacy with your accounts in Mystiko V1 wallet.
Note: Please save the secret key of your account in a safe place. If you leak or lose the secret keys of your account, the assets of this account will potentially be leaked and stolen.

Mystiko V1 Wallet Account Overview

1) Users can have an overview of Mystiko V1 wallet accounts in Private Assets page:
2) To manage and switch between different accounts, click the user logo in the upper right corner of the webpage, or click the drop-down list of account names. Learn how to create multiple accounts in the next section.
3) Users can access more account details (e.g. secret key) in “More” > “Account Details”
Choose an account
Show more information about an account

Create multiple Mystiko accounts in the Mystiko V1 Wallet

User automatically create their first account "Account 1" after create their Mystiko wallet. Creating multiple accounts in Mystiko could help improve privacy and security experience. Users can follow these steps to set up multiple accounts in Mystiko Wallet:
1) Click “Create Account” and name your new account.
Create a new account
2) A new account will be added to your Mystiko V1 wallet.
New account is listed in dropdown menu

Export Existing Mystiko Account

Users could export the secret key of an existing Mystiko account for account backup. To export your existing Mystiko account:
1) Go to Mystiko account page(​​ ) and choose the account you would like to export.
Choose an account
2) Click “More” > “Account Details” to acquire the secret key of the current account
Show account details
3) Click the “Export Private Key” button and type in the wallet password to export the secret key of the current account and save it in a safe place.
Export the secret key

Import Existing Mystiko Account

When users log out or lost his/her previous Mystiko wallet, the account info might be reset and erased from the browser. However, users can retrieve the assets of a lost wallet by importing the secret keys of lost wallet accounts, if the secret key of these accounts were exported and backed up. Learn how to export account private keys in previous section "Export Existing Mystiko Account". To import existing Mystiko account:
1) User should import mystiko account via
2) Type in the secret key of the account to be imported, and name this account. Do not enter Mystiko Address here, because Mystiko Address is not the same thing as the secret key.
Paste the secret key
3) Imported account will be added to Mystiko V1 wallets, and shown in Mystiko account page.
Imported account is listed in dropdown menu