Mystiko V1 Testnet Wallet Management

What is Mystiko V1 Testnets Wallet?

Mystiko V1 Testnets wallet is one of the flagship applications of Mystiko.Network and a demo of how Mystiko.Network supports private transactions. Mystiko V1 testnet wallet is a pure off-chain application for managing all deposited Private Assets created with Mystiko's privacy protocol. Mystiko V1 Testnets wallet application is NOT a replacement of the common used blockchain wallets, e.g. MetaMask, imToken, Trust Wallet etc. Mystiko V1 Testnets wallet is a complementary of these regular wallets, which could help you convert the public assets into private assets. Mystiko V1 Testnets only manage the Private Assets you deposited into Mystiko's deployed contracts, managing regular public assets or managing other private asset created by different privacy protocol is out of its scope.
More implementations, which runs on different platforms, will be developed and pushed to our communitiy member. We will also publish the SDK of Mystiko protocol very soon, which could give the chance that other developers can develop their own version of private wallet. If you are a developer, and interested in developing a different type of private wallet on Mystiko.Network , feel free to say hi to us by sending email to "[email protected]".
❗️Important Notice❗️
To better secure your Mystiko V1 testnet wallet data, please back up your mnemonic words and account secret keys on other storage layers. Mystiko V1 testnet wallet is a pure frontend web application, which means all data will be stored in your web browser. If you lost or erased the browser data of Mystiko V1 web application, you can only restore your Mystiko V1 testnet wallet data with mnemonic or private key. Therefore, please take care of your browser's data storage with caution. Enjoy your ride with us!
Mystiko Tutorial 01: How to create a Mystiko.Network V1 testnet account?
Mystiko Tutorial 02: How to manage Mystiko.Network V1 testnet accounts?

Connect MetaMask with Mystiko Website

1) Go to Mystiko V1 (testnet) web application:
2) (Optional) If the MetaMask logo is grey and no popup window showed for connection, then click MetaMask logo in the upper right corner of webpage to activate connection with Mystiko V1 web application.
Connect MetaMask
Choose an account to be connected to
Confirm the connection
MetaMask is connected
3) If MetaMask connection with Mystiko web application is successful, users should be able to see your MetaMask wallet address next to the MetaMask logo. Click MetaMask logo in Mystiko V1 web application to check connection if address fail to display.
Status bar contains the connected account address and the network name

Create A New Mystiko V1 Testnet wallet

1) If you don't have a Mysitko account or would like to create a new Mystiko account, go to for account creation.
2) Click the “Create Wallet” button to create a new account.
Create a new Mystiko Wallet
3) Set up Mystiko wallet password
Setting up a new wallet password
4) Mystiko will generate a set of mnemonic (secret phrases) for you. Click the “reveal” button to reveal mnemonic. Write down the mnemonic and store it in a safe place for the verification in the next steps. Your wallet mnemonic phrase can help you easily backup and restore your personal wallet.
⚠️Warning: Do not disclose your wallet mnemonic to others. Once anyone holds the mnemonic phrase for the wallet, they can control your assets.
Reveal the mnemonic phrase for backup
Complete the backup process
5) Verify your Mystiko Wallet by selecting each word of your wallet mnemonic phrase in the exact order as mnemonic phrases
Mnemonic verification process
Wallet is created successfully
6) When wallet verification is completed, you will be directed to Mystiko Account page.

Import An Existing Mystiko Wallet

1) If you have an exciting Mystiko Wallet, you can import your existing the Mystiko Wallet by clicking “Import Wallet”.
Import a previously created Mystiko Wallet
2) Type in your secret recovery phrase(mnemonic phrase) and create new password
Paste mnemonic phrase and setup the wallet password
3) When wallet import is done, you will be directed to the Mystiko Account page.

Export Mnemonic and Reset Wallet

Users can export Mystiko wallet mnemonic phrase and reset wallet in "General" Setting page.
⚠️Warning: Be cautious about resetting your wallet, all of your previously created data will be cleared.
Export mnemonic phrase or reset wallet